Claritas Laser Clinic, St Neots (Cambridgeshire)

Giving you the gold standard in laser treatments for tattoo and hair removal as well as skin rejuvenation, Claritas Laser Clinic uses the PicoSure laser and Soprano Ice, selected following much intensive research.

Why PicoSure and Soprano Ice? Because these lasers are clinically proven to be the most advanced, effective systems available and never before, has hair removal been painless (read our Testimonials page for some good, honest feedback).

Treatments at Claritas are carried out by professional clinicians with many years’ experience. Which means you are in confident and safe hands.

Clients travel from nearby Huntingdon, Cambridge, Peterborough and Bedford as well as from all over the country.


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PicoSureThumbThe PicoSure Laser is the first breakthrough in tattoo removal in 20 years, removing tattoos more effectively and up to 75% faster than traditional Nd:YAG lasers.

With the new PicoSure Focus handpiece, this laser also treats acne scars, pigmentation, open pores and revitalises the face more effectively than any other laser.

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The Soprano Ice combines multiple wavelengths and technologies to deliver clinically proven permanent hair removal. The ICE cold sapphire tip cools the skin making the treatment more comfortable than ever before.

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