The Clinicians

Directors Melanie Ando and Sally James at Claritas Launch

Directors Melanie Ando and Sally James

Sally James and Melanie Ando are qualified dentists with many years of clinical experience.

Unlike in the USA, where laser treatments are only performed by medically qualified clinicians, laser treatments in the UK are unregulated. This means that here, ‘anyone’ can offer laser treatment. So beware!

It was clear there was a need for a clinic where clients can be confident they are being treated at a professional standard in friendly surroundings; hence the name Claritas, which we chose from the Latin for clarity; the quality of being clear.

Rigorous research of the market made sure we could offer our clients the treatments they want using the most effective and least painful methods we could find. As dentists, we give high priority to making the treatments as comfortable as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it. Dedicated to our work, we’ve personally tested a variety of hair removal lasers and can guarantee that those we have chosen offer you unparalleled comfort!