New 532nm handpiece installed

imageClaritas Laser Clinic has taken delivery of a new attachment for its PicoSure™ laser that will significantly improve its performance on tricky red, orange and yellow coloured tattoos.

PicoSure™ lasers are the most technically sophisticated in the world and are so named because they use pico-second bursts of laser light to remove tattoos, treat acne scars and pigmentation or rejuvenate skin.

Existing PicoSure™ devices operate at 755nm wavelength, which is ideal for blue, green and black tattoo inks, however this upgrade allows the laser to also operate at 532nm wavelength – making it even more effective against stubborn yellows, oranges and reds.

“At Claritas we like to keep up with the very latest technology, so we can offer optimum results for our patients,” explains Melanie.

“PicoSure™ is the only laser system in the world that can offer these different forms of laser light to treat the full spectrum of coloured tattoos.”

Sally James added: “When introduced, the Picosure laser was the greatest advance in tattoo removal in 20 years. This  upgrade offers yet another step-change improvement; and not only is the new laser more effective, but it also requires fewer treatments, making it far more cost effective for our clients.”

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