Laser Tattoo Removal – things you need to know

It may be easy to forget about that tattoo when it’s hidden under your woollies, but if you are wanting to lose it for the long-term, or would like to fade it for a cover-up, then read on…

5 things to consider Claritas Laser Clinic, St Neots, Cambridgeshire | Laser Tattoo Removalbefore undergoing treatment:

1. You’ll need more than one treatment.
Tattoo removal is a gradual process and multiple treatments are required. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict the number of sessions needed as inks vary enormously as do individual immune systems. The laser breaks up the ink particles but then it’s the immune system that clears the ink away and this takes time. There is no benefit to lasering the tattoo any more often than once every eight weeks – it just needs TIME.


2. Where is your tattoo?
The location of your tattoo does make a difference. Tattoos on the upper body and neck will tend to fade faster than those on hands and feet. This is because the blood supply and lymphatic drainage to and from these areas is better, helping your immune system carry away those unwanted ink particles faster.


1216-8-weeks-after3. Is it a professional or amateur job?
Generally, a professional tattoo artist will deliver the ink at many depths to build density of colour and this means more sessions are likely to be needed in order to target the different layers of ink.  Usually, amateur tattoos, delivered with an uneven hand are easier to remove. The tattoo pictured opposite seem to literally diappear before our eyes, but usually te fading is more of a gradual process.


1216-colour-tattoo4. What colours are in your tattoo?
Traditionally, no one laser could treat all ink colours. However, the Picosure has changed that! Its standard 755nm handpiece is fantastic on the blues and greens that Q-switched lasers can’t fragment. And, of course, it treats black.  There is also the option of using a 532nm handpiece on the Picosure (which we have right here!) and this targets red, oranges and yellow inks. We can literally treat the rainbow of colours.


5. You, wonderful you!
How healthy are you? Could you be doing more to help boost your immune system? If you are embarking on tattoo removal, give your body all the help you can by eating healthily, maintaining hydration, keeping down your alcohol consumption, exercising and getting enough sleep. It won’t come as a surprise to hear that, as a rule, smokers clear their ink more slowly than non-smokers.

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