Tattoo removal; explaining away the (much reduced) pain

The initial feelings that accompany getting a tattoo include pleasure, independence and a deep connection with what is depicted on your skin.

However, in the shorter or longer term, this important decision may lead to regret and even despair.

Perhaps you’ve changed how you feel about your tattoo. Perhaps the subject of your tattoo is no longer relevant.  Or maybe the artwork was never quite right.

If this applies to you, you are not alone!  A study by YouGov suggested that almost 1 in 5 people are unhappy with at least one of their tattoos.

Tattoo regret pale

So do something about that tattoo you regret. You’ve done your research and realise that the best way to remove tattoo ink, without the risk of permanent scarring, is with laser treatment, which is why you’re reading this.

For many people, it is the fear of the pain.

Read on for some reassurance…Unfortunately, there is no getting away from the fact that some pain is involved with tattoo removal. As technology has advanced, laser treatment has become much more tolerable and many of our clients liken the sensation to when their tattoo was first done. The BIG difference is that it is SO much faster!

Clients who have been treated with older lasers, for instance Q-switched, and then PicoSure notice the positive difference.

For example, a small tattoo, of 3cm square, would take about a minute to treat.

Throughout the process, an ultra-cold air jet cools and numbs the skin. This counteracts the heat of the laser and helps protect the skin whilst the laser targets the ink. Contrary to some people’s mistaken belief, the tattoo is not ‘burned off’!

If even a minute of pain seems unbearable, or your tattoo is larger, then there are numbing creams that can be applied to the skin 30 minutes before treatment – these reduce rather than eliminate discomfort.  Alternatively, for complete pain elimination, you can have injections of local anaesthetic.

Hopefully, this has helped calm any concerns you may be having but the best reassurance will come from talking through your individual situation with one of our team of clinicians. We are experienced, professional and kind and, importantly, understand how you might be feeling and very quickly put you at ease.

Call 01480 214442 for a free consultation or book on-line here and take that step today.

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