Age spots and pigmented marks? Here’s how to remove them

Do you feel self-conscious about age spots and brown marks caused by sun damage? Are they adding years to your appearance? Then laser treatment could be the solution.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take Pat’s word for it…

0615 age spots and pigment

Pat, at 70 years young, had stopped wearing scoop-necked tops due to the unsightly pigmented area on her décolletage (shown here).

After just three treatments with our PicoSure laser, each taking just a few minutes, the lesion had completely disappeared.

‘Lightening creams’ can waste your time and, more importantly, your money. Instead come and have a chat with us to discuss whether laser treatment could be a much more effective treatment for your age spots or other pigmentation problems. We can treat the face and hands as well as the body.

Make the most of our clinical knowledge to assess pigmentation changes from a medical as well as an aesthetic perspective. We will make a diagnosis and make sure you receive the correct management and treatment with a friendly welcome.

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