“I wanted a Celtic tattoo removed on my arm and I started laser treatment at my local tattooist 2 year’s ago. The fees started from £15 and after a few sessions, they were reduced to £10. The tattoo was fading very slowly but it was starting to scar. The lasers didn’t appear to be effective so I went to the Skin Clinic and paid £115 for 2 sessions there but I didn’t notice much difference. I’d had approximately 9 laser sessions in total at various places and was starting to feel despondent because I wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. I researched different lasers on the market and came across the Picosure. I made enquiries at different clinics and felt that Claritas could offer me the best treatment at a good price. I have had 2 sessions now and have noticed a huge difference and people who know me have commented and stated how much it has faded since attending Claritas. I travel 2 hours to the clinic and I’ve been made to feel welcome every time. The procedure and aftercare is carefully explained and the customer service is outstanding. I just wished that I had found this place sooner.”
Fay, Chesterfield

“I’m so pleased with my fresh new cover-up (by Fabio’s in Cambridge) after the fine treatment at Claritas. I can now look forward to the summer with no worries about ‘covering up’ my old tattoo again.” (Read more on Simon’s story here.)
Simon, Cambridge

“I was anxious to have tattoo removal as I was unsure of what to expect. The ladies at Claritas however were so friendly and professional that I felt confident about the whole process. The results have been absolutely amazing, I would 100% recommend Claritas to anyone!”
Hannah, Bengeo

“Was wanting to get a tattoo removed on my thigh which had already been covered, the cover up job was awful and embarrassing. So I decided to look into laser removal, I had heard this was quite painful but was needing to get rid of this unsightly tattoo for my own self esteem . So I found Claritas, I was concerned about how painful this was going to be as I had heard of so many painful experiences. I was assured my pain would be well managed and it was. I’m so happy with the results.  Both Mel and Sally are very lovely ladies who talked through the whole process with me and definitely put me at ease. Thank you Ladies for doing a great job. Would totally recommend.”
Michelle, Sandy

“I can’t believe the results of my treatment – I am very pleased and definitely recommend Claritas. For ages I had been using the Lumea and not seen very good results. The clinic is very nice and staff very caring.”
Jo, Stoneley

“Since starting laser treatment at Claritas I have been impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff.  Having laser treatment was a daunting and unfamiliar experience for me but Melanie settled my nerves and made me feel calm and relaxed. Having visited both clinics (the old Buckden one and the new St.Neots clinic) I know that the standard of cleanliness and the quality of the apparatus used is second to none. Anybody considering laser treatment should visit Claritas. Thank you.”
Rebecca, Huntingdon

“Excellent service, excellent outcome, lovely people! I highly recommend the laser hair removal service at Claritas. The staff are very professional and helpful, and also realistic about likely timescales and results which I found very refreshing and reassuring. The results have been great and nothing has been too much trouble. I would highly recommend this very professional, clinician led salon.”
Caitlin, Cambridge

“I am so pleased with the treatment I have received at Claritas Laser clinic. I chose this clinic as I wanted to be treated by medical professionals that use the Picosure. Melanie and Sally were very friendly and reassuring. I’m delighted that my tattoo is now a thing of the past!”
Steph, Hertford

“I wish I had gone straight to Claritas for tattoo removal. I had 11 sessions elsewhere; it was very painful and the results weren’t great. I am so pleased with the fading of my tattoo with the Picosure laser.”
Sabine, Cambridge 

“‘The treatment and service I received at Claritas Laser Clinic for my tattoo removal was excellent. The Picosure treatments removed the tattoo and I was very happy with the end result. Would definitely recommend the clinic and procedure.”
Rebecca, Spalding 

“This is the first summer in 35 years that I can wear sleeveless dresses and tops with confidence (now that my tattoo has gone), thanks to the wonderful people and service I got from the lovely ladies at Claritas. All my thanks.”
Sylvia, St Neots 

“Fantastic tattoo removal. Could not believe the results, amazing in only a few sittings. Friendly and proffesional staff. Have recommended Claritas to family and friends.”
Emma, Leicester

“Hi I have nothing but praise for everyone at Claritas. Highly professional, very friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of their treatments. Being male there sometimes can be a stigma around treatments for men, but Claritas made me feel welcome and relaxed and the stigma soon disappeared. Can thoroughly recommend.”
David, St Neots

“…a friendly yet professional service. I was amazed to see the difference even after just one (laser hair removal) treatment.”
Emma, Cambridge 

“I didn’t believe that laser hair removal really could be painless!”
Steph, Kettering 

“My experience of tattoo removal treatment was nothing like I’d experienced elsewhere – it was so much better at Claritas.”
Richard, Milton Keynes

“…the clinic was clean and stylish.”
Jo, Brampton 

“I tried laser hair removal years ago and it was agony but I honestly swear this laser not only works (I am thrilled with the results and have still not even finished the course!) but I lie back and relax, often catching up on emails and texts! I am so delighted…I can assure you now, this is for EVERYONE!”
Rebecca, St Ives 

“For years I have had other treatments which provided only temporary solution to the problem (of facial hair). But then I went to Claritas.  It is now 3 weeks since my (second) treatment and I can almost individually count the hairs that have regrown.”
Sarah, Ilford 

“I found the staff to be very reassuring throughout my treatment.”
Mick, Buckden 

“I have been very impressed with my treatment at Claritas. I was very surprised at how painless my first treatment was.”
Michelle, Nottingham