Treatments for Men


It’s widely recognised that laser treatments for men are becoming increasingly popular. While the traditional “beauty salon” tends to be associated with female clients, at Claritas we provide a gender-neutral, clinician-based approach. Evening appointments are available, optimising convenience and discretion.

Tattoo removal/modification

It is medically accepted that laser treatment is the most effective way to remove or modify tattoos. Our PicoSure laser is the fastest and most pain-free method available and noticeably less painful than the tattooing process itself. If required, skin numbing creams are available, or injections of local anaesthetic can be given for complete pain relief.

It may be you wish to totally remove an unwanted tattoo, you may be wanting to create space for re-inking or you may need to modify an existing tattoo. At Claritas, we can work in conjunction with your tattoo artist’s plans to make precise modifications as necessary.

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Hair removal

For a man, laser treatment can provide the most painless and permanent solution for unwanted hair.

There are many reasons why today’s man may be looking for hair removal. These may include losing ear/nose hair as part of a male-grooming regime, removing body hair for aesthetic reasons, tackling the painful problem of in-growing hairs or being hair-free and streamlined for sports.

Unwanted hair can have a considerable impact on self-esteem. Laser hair removal is the optimal solution for that confidence boost.

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Other facial treatments

There are a variety of facial treatments that may be appropriate for men. For example, acne affects men and women alike and at Claritas our laser treatment can effectively minimise acne scarring with only 24 hours recovery time after treatment.

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