Ingrowing hairs giving you problems? Get rid of them right here

If you are one of the unlucky ones who develop ingrown hairs, life can be pretty miserable.

The skin around these hairs can swell to the size of a hazelnut and there’s often redness and tenderness, which can be really painful never mind unsightly.

However, help is at hand as laser treatment is recommended by dermatologists as the best way to prevent ingrown hairs.

Ingrown and normal hair

Ingrown and normal hair

So why do we get ingrown hairs? It happens when a new hair curls in on itself as it grows and the hair becomes trapped in the follicle. Cutting or shaving the hair too closely makes it easier for the sharpened end of the hair to pierce the skin and grow inwards.

Inflammation causes redness and localised swelling and, if infection sets in, then a pus-filled cyst can develop. Infection is usually due to staphylococcal bacteria entering the follicle and both shaving and waxing can be the causes.

Where do they most frequently occur? Ingrown hairs are most common in areas where hair is coarse or curly or with frequent shaving; in men, on their chin and neck (causing razor or shaving bumps) and on their backs and in women, in the pubic area, along the bikini line or the underarms.

If you’re prone to this, then Laser Treatment is the hair removal method of choice as the laser energy targets the hair follicle to prevent new hair growth.

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